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                Service hotline

                Contact:Mr. Lu
                Add:Group 34, Linying Village, Liuhao Town, Haimen City, Jiangsu Province

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                CUSTOMER SERVICE


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                Set up a First-class Brand, Create First-class Service
                Our Service Objective: No quality complaints, no grumbles in providing customer services
                Service Standard: Warm, Thoughtful, Timely, Effective
                Set up a first-class brand, create first-class service. In the fierce market competition, we must always center on customers, strive to turn from “providing customers with products meeting their demands” to “providing customers with products meeting or even exceeding their expectations”. Truly achieve our tenet and idea of “Customer First”. Make users “satisfied, comfortable and feel safe” with our “Sincerity, Enthusiasm and Integrity”.
                Our service objective is “No quality complaints, no grumbles in providing customer services” and our service standard is “Warm, Thoughtful, Timely, Effective”. We will provide our customers with first-class service through a standard marketing management system, sound customer service regulations and systematic service flow”.